INTERVIEWS #3 Joseph Gordon-Levitt "Robert Todd Lincoln" Part #1 (VO)
SOUND BITES #21 Lois Burwell (Makeup Designer) (VO)
INTERVIEWS #1 James Spader "WN Bilbo" Part #1 (VO)
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Imagine Entertainment, Amblin Entertainment, Kennedy/Marshall Company, The DreamWorks SKG, Parkes/MacDonald Productions, Participant Media, Reliance Entertainment, Office Seekers Productions' Biography, Drama, History, War directed by Steven Spielberg starring Daniel Day-Lewis "Abraham Lincoln", Joseph Gordon-Levitt "Robert Todd Lincoln", Tommy Lee Jones "Thaddeus Stevens", John Hawkes "Robert Latham", Jackie Earle Haley "Alexander Stephens", Jared Harris "Ulysses S. Grant", Sally Field "Mary Todd Lincoln", Lee Pace "Fernando Wood", James Spader "WN Bilbo", David Strathairn "Secretary of State William Seward", Julie White "Elizabeth Blair Lee", Hal Holbrook "Preston Blair", Adam Driver "Samuel Beckwith", David Costabile "James Ashley", Bruce McGill "Edwin Stanton", Gloria Reuben "Elizabeth Keckley". Screenplay by: Tony Kushner. Based on the book "Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln" written by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg. Director of Photography: Janusz Kaminski. Production Designer: Rick Carter. Editor: Michael Kahn. Composer: John Williams. Re-Recording Mixer: Gary Rydstrom. Sound Designer: Ben Burtt. Makeup Designer: Lois Burwell. Costume Designer: Joanna Johnston. RELEASE DATES: 30 JANUARY 2013 (FRANCE) / 16 NOVEMBER 2012 (USA)
FILM CLIP #6 "Thaddeus Stevens Speaks To The House" (VO)
SOUND BITES #1 Daniel Day-Lewis "Abraham Lincoln" (VO)
FILM CLIP #7 "Mary Tells Lincoln To Get The Votes" (VO)
LINCOLN Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, DreamWorks' Biography, Drama, History, War directed by Steven Spielberg starring Daniel Day-Lewis.
TM & © 2012 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
LINCOLN President Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis) looks across a battlefield in the aftermath of a terrible siege in this scene from director Steven Spielberg's drama "Lincoln" from DreamWorks Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox.
INTERVIEWS #2 James Spader "WN Bilbo" Part #2 (VO)
FILM CLIP #2 "Mary Todd Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens at the Ball" (VO)
FILM CLIP #3 "Lincoln on Euclid" (VO)
FILM CLIP #5 "The Hiring Of The Gang Of Three" (VO)
INTERVIEWS #4 Joseph Gordon-Levitt "Robert Todd Lincoln" Part #2 (VO)
FILM CLIP #1 "Robert Pleads with Lincoln to Enlist" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #1 B-Roll Part #1 (VO)
SOUND BITES #3 David Strathairn "William Seward" (VO)
SOUND BITES #4 Joseph Gordon-Levitt "Robert Lincoln" (VO)
SOUND BITES #5 James Spader "W.N. Bilbo" (VO)
SOUND BITES #6 Hal Holbrook "Preston Blair" (VO)
SOUND BITES #7 Gloria Reuben "Elizabeth Keckley" (VO)
SOUND BITES #8 Steven Spielberg (Director) Part #1 (VO)
SOUND BITES #9 Steven Spielberg (Director) Part #2 (VO)
SOUND BITES #10 Tony Kushner (Screenwriter) Part #1 (VO)
SOUND BITES #11 Tony Kushner (Screenwriter) Part #2 (VO)
SOUND BITES #12 Doris Kearns Goodwin (Author) (VO)
SOUND BITES #13 Kathleen Kennedy (Producer) Part #1 (VO)
SOUND BITES #14 Kathleen Kennedy (Producer) Part #2 (VO)
SOUND BITES #15 Janusz Kaminski (Director of Photography) (VO)
SOUND BITES #16 Rick Carter (Production Designer) (VO)
SOUND BITES #17 Michael Kahn (Editor) (VO)
SOUND BITES #18 John Williams (Composer) (VO)
SOUND BITES #19 Gary Rydstrom (Re-Recording Mixer) (VO)
SOUND BITES #20 Ben Burtt (Sound Designer) (VO)
FILM CLIP #4 "I Like Our Chances Now" (VO)
SOUND BITES #2 Sally Field "Mary Todd Lincoln" (VO)
During President Lincoln’s tumultuous final months in office, he pursues a course of action to end the Civil War, unite the country and abolish slavery. Steven Spielberg Adds Key Members To His "Lincoln" Cast: Tommy Lee Jones Among Those Joining DreamWorks Studios Film About Abraham Lincoln May 5, 2011 Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Hal Holbrook, James Spader, Bruce McGill, Tim Blake Nelson, John Hawkes, and Joseph Cross are in negotiations to join the cast of DreamWorks Studios' "Lincoln," it was announced today by DreamWorks partners Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider. Also in negotiations to join the film are David Costabile, Adam Driver, Byron Jennings, Dakin Matthews, Boris McGiver, Gloria Reuben, Jeremy Strong, and David Warshofsky. This group joins the previously announced casting of Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field in the Spielberg directed film about the 16th President of the United States. Based on the best-selling book, Team of Rivals, by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, the screenplay has been written by the Pulitzer Prize winner, Tony Award winner, and Academy Award nominated writer Tony Kushner. It will be produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Steven Spielberg. The film will focus on the political collision of Lincoln and the powerful men of his cabinet on the road to abolition and the end of the Civil War. Oscar winner Tommy Lee Jones will play Thaddeus Stevens, a Republican leader and powerful congressman from Pennsylvania in the U.S. House of Representatives. Stevens was a staunch supporter of abolishing slavery and was critical to writing the legislation that funded the American Civil War. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known for his roles in "Inception," "(500) Days of Summer," and next year's "The Dark Knight Rises," will take on the role of Robert Todd Lincoln, eldest son of President Lincoln and the only one to live past his teenage years. Other announced cast will take on various supporting roles in the film. Doris Kearns Goodwin won her Pulitzer Prize for “No Ordinary Time,” the story of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the home front in World War II. Kushner's prize was for his play “Angels in America,” which later became an Emmy Award-winning television special. He had previously worked with Spielberg on “Munich” for which he was nominated for an Oscar in the Adapted Screenplay category. Filming is expected to begin in the fall of 2011 in Virginia for release in the fourth quarter of 2012 through Disney’s Touchstone distribution label. TM 2010 DREAMWORKS ANIMATION LLC. COPYRIGHT 2010 DW II DISTRIBUTION CO, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
SOUND BITES #22 Joanna Johnston (Costume Designer) (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #2 B-Roll Part #2 (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #3 Steven Spielberg (Director) & Daniel Day-Lewis "Abraham Lincoln" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #4 Sally Field "Mary Todd Lincoln" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt "Robert Lincoln" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #6 James Spader "Bilbo" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #7 Gloria Reuben "Elizabeth Keckley" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #8 Jared Harris "Ulysses S. Grant" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #9 Hal Holbrook "Preston Blair" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #10 Bruce McGill "Edwin M. Stanton" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #11 Gulliver McGrath "Tad Lincoln" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #12 David Oyelowow "Private Ira Green" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #13 David Costabile "James Ashley" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #14 Michael Shiflett "R.M.T. Hunter" (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #15 Kathleen Kennedy (Producer) (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #16 Tony Kushner (Screenwriter) (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #17 John Williams (Composer) (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #18 Doris Kearns Goodwin (Author) (VO)
AFI FEST 2012 #19 VNR (VO)
SOUND BITES #23 Tommy Lee Jones "Thaddeus Stevens" (VO)
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